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FashionHot is the North American distributor for Fashy thermoplastic products. We have been in business since 1999 providing Fashy products here on our retail website and to retail stores in various locations across the United States.

Located in Gilbert, Arizona, FashionHot.com provides quick U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail delivery to any location or P.O. Box in the United States. We are currently seeking a Canadian distributor. If you live in Canada and would like to order our products, please call and we'll be happy to take your order manually.
Contact: Michael George 480-459-8831 or Click Here to email.
Fashy is a major European manufacturer of thermoplastic hot water bottles and has been manufacturing and marketing in Europe for 50 years. They have two manufacturing plants employing 400 people and also manufacture swim caps, goggles, swimwear & sandals. They have major market shares in Europe and, in 1999, launched their Hot Water Bottle product line in North America through FashionHot.com.

The hot water bottle is a 100-year-old product that they have redesigned and vastly improved providing an unrivaled collection of unique, fun, and useful products.

Using their substantial technical capability and testing procedures they have consistantly shown that their hot water bottles hold heat and cold longer providing a moist soothing even heat.

Unlike conventional rubber bottles Fashy bottles are one piece and integrally molded. They will NOT dry up and crack, there are no seams to create leakage, no rubber odor and are much superior to rubber bottles especially in regards to safety.

They manufacture under ISO 9001 standards and have stringent British Standard and TUV approvals. Through their manufacturing process and unique designs they provide the ultimate in hot and cold water therapy.

Customer Service: 480-459-8831
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